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Lisa McCartney PLYTIME Tutor

Lisa McCartney

Location: Lymm
Unique ID: PL-001​

Average Session Cost: £8 (£7.50 for a block of 6 sessions)

Contact number: 07956 352926

17/7/18555It has really helped her so far and she always has fun. Lisa is great with the children and always keeps us up to date
17/7/18555My 8 year old son would do anything to avoid maths until we started PLYTIME. He actually looks forward to going and we can see the progress he is making.
16/7/18555Following weekly PLYT sessions, we have noticed a significant increase in his confidence when faced with math’s based queries and this has been validated further by improved results in recent school tests. The best part is that he looks forward to the sessions and thoroughly enjoys them. So much so we have purchased the game for the holidays and enjoy playing it as a family, highly recommended.
16/7/18555Her maths report showed good progress this year and she asks to attend plyt because ‘it’s fun’
27/6/18555Great way to build maths skills in children through play and engagement with friends old and new

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